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A little bit about me

I’m a flight instructor by day and a freelance money and business blogger by night.

I’m also a nerd when it comes to personal finance topics and productivity techniques. And don’t get me started on organization. I’m the type of person who’s happy as a clam organizing a sock drawer. One day I got a wild hair and started digging through 2 years’ worth of utility bills just to see what my monthly & yearly average payments were so I could get my monthly budget perfect. A coworker called that psycho. I just wanted to track every dollar in my budget perfectly.

Why I blog

I started blogging so I could have accountability for my journey toward financial freedom and hone my writing skills. I also wanted to learn new online skills that could support me if I lost my day job (more on that mindset below). I also loved the idea of one day being able to make money from any location in the world. Best of all, I found that bloggging and networking with others doing the same thing continues my love of lifelong learning and teaching.

My Money Journey

In late 2014, I decided I had enough!

I was finally making it on my own with a great paying job but I was living paycheck to paycheck and was in over $30,000 in debt. I had been carrying this debt for almost 10 years.

I bought into the idea that debt was “normal” and as long as I was paying bills on time every month, I was doing great.

But that mentality is all wrong. Because of my debt, I became a slave to my employer and to all the companies who have a say on my future paychecks. Every time I signed on the dotted line to take on more debt, I was giving away future paychecks and reducing my ability to build wealth.

How shitty is that!?

The more debt I had, the more I was desperate to keep my job. It finally dawned on me that if I lost my job tomorrow, I would face repossession and foreclosure - again. And since the job field I work in is highly specialized, and no one was hiring at the time, I would have to find a job that paid tens of thousands of dollars less than what I was earning. This meant my bills weren’t getting paid or I wasn’t eating.

I was living in fear that my job contract was going to get cancelled at any time. It dawned on me that buying into the “debt is okay, debt is normal” mentality only keeps you a slave to a job that may not be there tomorrow.

Things had to change. I’m no stranger to repossession and bankruptcy. In fact, when it came to money, I did it all! Student loans, credit card debts, an underwater mortgage, stupid tax, and cars that I really couldn’t afford.

I survived all of them and it took me years to wise up about money and make the right changes that would positively impact my future.

In 2016, the same month I graduated from college, I paid off the last of my student loans. A few months later, I bought out the lease on my car (through finance) and got on a budget that I could manage. I have since paid down around $20,000 in debt.

2017 is my year to finish all my debt by paying off the rest of my car. And I’m cutting up the credit cards and using cash only.

It’s been a long journey and the most important thing I learned was:

Personal finance is 90% action and 10% 3rd grade math.

Personal finance is more about habit than it is about math and statistics. It takes a while to adjust but tiny habits like getting on a budget, making conscious spending choices, and making the effort to save (even if it's a small amount at first) can make a world of difference in the way you deal with money.

I’m also learning the true meaning of frugality - enjoying what you have. And it was through blogging and collaborating with others who have a love for business and personal finance (and all the ancillary topics that come with it - minimalist, productivity, organization, and simplicity) that I’m learning how to take charge of my life in the areas that are important. You can follow me on that journey and pick up some habits that could change your life too.

A few fun facts about me

  • I grew up in Hawaii where I learned how to surf, hike, and spend money.
  • After finally leaving an abusive relationship, I joined the military where I learned more about myself than I ever did in all my life (and I had the best time).
  • After completing basic training, I became the first female UAS operator for the state of Hawaii.
  • In 2008, I was awarded the German Armed Forces Badge. Few people know that I lost a friend on the ruck march event while competing for this badge.
  • I've always enjoyed writing. In 4th grade, a short story I wrote won the chance to compete in an all-grade storytelling contest. It was the first time I realized I don't enjoy speaking in front of people.
  • My favorite color is iridescence.
  • I've always found ways to reinvent and improve myself. I believe in trying to do better than I did yesterday, even if it's something small like changing my perspective on a situation.
  • I hate the word Furbaby but my dog is my best friend and my baby.
  • I LOVE reading historical novels and thrillers (I"m also a closet fan of steampunk), but I'm usually reading books about money and business. One of my favorite authors is Ambrose Bierce.
  • I listen to the Dave Ramsey podcast every day.
  • I have a terrible habit of leaving cabinet doors and dresser drawers open. I have the bruises to prove it.
freelance money and business blogger
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What's in it for you?

Learn how to get on a budget, work your way through a spending ban, manage your time as a freelance side hustler, or get ideas on how to manage your money better. As I slowly grew my freelancing business, I noticed my favorite area to concentrate on was helping new freelancers and side hustlers work on managing their time and money for both their business and personal lives but anyone looking to do better with their money can get ideas.

Here are some of the things I like to talk about on my blog:

  • Setting up priorities and creating a schedule that enhances your already hectic work schedule.
  • Separating your business and personal money.
  • How to use time blocking to help manage your time better.
  • How to choose the right bank to house your business money.
  • Finding the best money and lifestyle tools.
  • Managing stress.
  • Managing clients.
  • Getting on a personal and business budget.
  • Reading books and nurturing a writing habit.
  • And more...

So whether you’re freelancer just starting out, a solopreneur extraordinaire, a side-hustler hero, or just a plain Jane or Joe thinking about doing better with your money, join in on the conversation!

Although I'm not a certified financial planner, you can still learn a few things from what I share about money because they are fresh examples of my own experiences. As a solobiz owner, I know what it's like to do things on your own, especially when you're bootstrapping your business and trying to save money. But, my advice and any advice shared on this blog, is for entertainment only. If you need a professional financial planner/adviser, please consult a licensed financial planner. Please visit my full Terms and Disclaimer page.