Book Review: Slipstream Time Hacking by Benjamin P. Hardy

Slipstream Time Hacking
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“There are doors remaining open that need to finally be closed once and for all.” ~ Benjamin P. Hardy

In a world that supports multitasking, to-do listing, and super goal setting, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. And very easy to get sidetracked from a path that’s right for you (not someone else).

What if you could find the one thing that was good for YOU?  What if you could learn how to slow time down? And what if you could learn how to get more done and live a better life?

In his book, Slipstream Time Hacking, Benjamin P. Hardy talks about hacking your time, finding a slipstream to get more done, and, in simple terms, live a better life doing what’s right for you.

I came across this book while reading Life Is a Classroom by Benjamin P. Hardy. It was about unlearning. Unlearning fear, bad habits, old notions. Things that hold you back from learning.

I love to learn and it’s the only way I feel like I make any progress forward with my life so his message really stuck with me. And this article came on the heels of the book I was reading at the time, The ONE Thing.

I wanted to learn more so I went to his website and stumbled across this book, Slipstream Time Hacking. It was a free Kindle download.

I was blown away by the concepts in this book and how it perfectly supported the ideas I was absorbing from The ONE Thing. A couple days later, I purchased the paperback version of Slipstream Time Hacking.

Review Disclaimer

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The author and publishers are not compensating me for this review.

Slipstream Time Hacking Talks About

Benjamin talks about how some people seem to get so many things done and how you can harness that magic in your own life.

I like the way he calls it, “living multiple lifetimes within one lifetime.” He explains how time is relative and how you can manipulate your relative time to slow things down and get things done.

He also talks about how important is is to do what’s true to your path and let go of things that don’t serve you. When you make time for the things you’re passionate about, you slow time down. And get more done that you thought possible.

Benjamin explains physics, Isaac Newton’s principles and Albert Einstein’s relativity theory. But don’t let that deter you from making it through this short but penetrating book. Even if you’ve never studied physics, Benjamin does well to make it easy to understand so you can follow along with his idea.

Benjamin Hardy takes scientific ideas and weaves them into every day productivity designs. It think he’s brilliant for doing this.

For example, acting on an idea that will get you from point A to point B in a shorter amount of time is called “finding a wormhole.” Or how hiring a coach can help you slipstream toward your goals at a faster pace that you could have ever done on your own.

This book is the most unique I’ve read yet. Part fiction, mostly non-fiction, and could be with the sci-fi or self-help genre. Either way, you will enjoy this book if you’re looking for a new way to look at productivity and time hacking.

Who Slipstream Time Hacking is for

Benjamin has a unique way of thinking about ways to do better for yourself and the world you create for yourself. This book is for anyone on a journey to learn more about productivity, time hacking, and how to prioritize properly.

If you’ve read The ONE Thing, you’ll enjoy the ideas in this book. And you’ll enjoy the exclusive way Benjamin talks about ways to slow down your relative time, and speed up your goals.

Anyone who is ready to take control of their life and willing to make changes necessary to do better will benefit from this book. And, if you’re ready to throw out things that no longer serve you, this book will inspire you to make take the first step and release that fear of holding on.

This book is not for you if your current focus is outside of the productivity realm. Or if you’re not willing to keep an open mind about the things covered in this book.

What Touched Me The Most

What touched me the most was how this book perfectly complemented the concepts covered in the book The ONE Thing by Gary Keller.

Where Gary talked about the need to focus on ONE thing, Benjamin talked about how to make sure you’re focusing on the thing that’s right for you.

Here are some concepts both books touched on:

  • having to come to terms with letting other things go as you focus on your one thing.
  • Taking responsibility for your own actions and your own future
  • Why you should surround yourself with positive people who support your passions and mindset
  • The cost of time vs money
  • To be careful not to pursue other people’s agenda (follow your own)

The biggest thing that touched me in this book is about The Need To Choose, that started on page 70.

“…We live in a world that values choices–even if many of those choices are not conducive to our overarching goals. We have this inherent obsession with freedom. We don’t like the idea of having doors closed to us. Thus we enter one door but try to keep our foot in another. We lack the courage to commit to a certain path…”

We do this out of fear of missing out, or making the wrong choice. I’ve struggled with this all my life. Cautiously tip toeing from one choice to another while still trying to keep the other choice available. I always watched in awe at people who were rapidly decisive and kept trudging down that path without looking back or questioning their decision. I’ve wanted to be able to do that but never understood how.

Not until I read this book, and Gary Keller’s book. Being indecisive is like driving with the breaks on and navigating through your rear view mirror. I have a better understanding of the need to be decisive and not be afraid of closing doors that no longer need to be open.

What Others Are Saying About It

Slipstream Time Hacking was published December 20, 2015

In Goodreads, the rating is a  3.7 out of 5. 87% of people liked the book.

Amazon reviews are a 4.8 out of 5 with 146 reviews. The Kindle version is free if you sign up for Benjamin’s email list. And the paperback copy is on Amazon for $5.99 (Amazon affiliate link).

My Final Two Cents

This unique book belongs on the shelf of everyone who loves books on productivity and forward thinking.

The best part is that when you read this book, you’ll pick up concepts that I may have missed. Concepts that relate to what you’re going through now. If you’ve been searching for better ways to manage your time, your goals, and your life, this book is one of your answers.

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” ~ (possibly) Buddha

Your Turn

Here’s your no-obligation chance to check out this book.

The book is free if you sign up for Benjamin’s email but you can unsubscribe from his list email list at any time. Also, if you are part of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, the book is free in that program.

Is there really any good excuse NOT to check out this book?


Slipstream gives a unique look at the way we could be spending our days to enrich our lives.


Some of the concepts may be hard to understand. And some people may not be ready for this kind of information.


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