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You’re a business owner with a blog and it frustrates you knowing that writing quality blog posts is a full-time job.

Not only do you have to run your business and all the things that come with managing it, you also need to create targeted and engaging blog posts that your customers will want to read.

But Google keeps changing the rules, internet users are finicky, and you just don’t have time to create high-quality blog posts on your own.

Why not hire a freelance blogger who understands how to research, write, and edit blog posts that your customers will enjoy?

I understand your frustrations, I too am a small business owner. I’m here to help you!

Here's What I Can Do for You

Blogging & Writing Services

I produce engaging blog posts and informative articles in areas of money and small business, as well as in-depth product descriptions. I also offer copywriting services in the form of sales pages, landing pages, call-to-action posts, social media marketing campaigns, and press releases. And if you're looking for someone to do email marketing campaigns, curriculum writing, and technical writing, I'm your writer.


I offer ghostwriting services in topic areas of content marketing, money, and small business.

Editing & Proofreading

If you're not looking for writing services, I also do proofreading and basic editing. 

Carrie Smith from Careful Cents

"I highly recommend using Christine's writing and editing services, specifically when it comes to product reviews and tutorials. She pays great attention to detail and has an engaging style of writing. I look forward to hiring Christine again in the future!"

Carrie Smith - Owner of Carefulcents.com

Why Work With Me?

I'm a freelance money blogger who wears a lot of hats so I've picked up skills that translate into helping you with your business writing needs. Choose to work with me and you'll get professional, friendly, and on-time service. Not to mention, you'll be working with an organized productivity nerd (but I promise not to be a control freak with your project). This is about YOU and I take the service I provide to you very seriously.

I also have an advanced degree in business management, and a minor in business marketing. During the day, I'm a U.S. Army flight instructor - I love teaching! And at night, I'm side hustle as a freelance blogger because I love to write and share what I've learned with others.

In a past life, I worked as a data-entry administrative assistant and transcriptionist for 10 years. A job that taught me outstanding editing, proofreading, and document design skills.

When I'm not working with soldiers, writing for clients, or dabbling on my blog, I'm reading books about money and business or scheming my next project. But my furry friend Bubba keeps me grounded and reminds me to get out and enjoy the sun sometimes.

"Christine is one of the best professional writers that I've worked with. She delivers superb work in a timely manner and is easy going and flexible. I recommend her services to anyone who needs a content writer." 

Elna Cain - Owner of Freelancer FAQs.com
Elna Cain

Topic Areas I Specialize In

​I specialize in management-related topics in the areas detailed below. My writing style is from a personal-experience/teaching standpoint. Although I love to use well-researched facts and hard data, I feel that using a personal approach makes articles more relatable. I enjoy creating helpful articles that inspire people to DO better, solve a problem, and hopefully entertain them a bit.

Personal Finance

Overall, I'm a freelance money blogger who loves talking about money! Over on my blog page, I write about money topics like budgeting and saving. I've also written about money on other blogs like Freelancer FAQsMoney Mini Blog, and Saving Advice.


Let's write about managing your time, your goals, and your small business.

Freelancing & Solopreneurship

I enjoy writing about the nuances of freelancing, as well as the tools and techniques that help me maintain a small business as a side huster.

Product Reviews & Descriptions

​I'm a hands-on person who loves trying new digital products. I'll admit it! I'm an app junkie. I get excited about trying out new apps especially ones that help with money and productivity. This is why I love doing product reviews and descriptions. The awesome folks over at WP Superstars let me do a few product descriptions for them and I often write book reviews on my blog. I'm happy to work with you for any product reviews you need for your blog or business. 

Blogging Wizard

"Christine is a talented writer and a great communicator which makes working together a breeze. All my expectations have been met - and then some!"

Adam Connell - Owner of BloggingWizard.com

christine c renee

Why not work with a professional and friendly freelance blogger who's serious about her work.

Writing Services
  • Blog posts & articles
  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing & Sales Pages

Let's talk about your writing needs so I can give you a customized pricing

All projects come well researched, optimized, proofread and edited. 

  • Writing services
  • Your style and design

You can't put a one-size-fits-all pricing on perfection. Contact me below

Editing & Proofreading
  • Basic editing
  • Proofreading

Editing and proofreading projects are special. Reach out to me so we can talk about the details of your project.

Your investment for professional basic editing starts at $30/hr
Your investment in high-quality written content and professional workmanship starts at $120

"Christine's work was extremely detailed and thorough. I was quite surprised at the things that were found, improved upon and discussed. It was above and beyond what I was expecting and has really helped me improve my sales copy moving forward." 

Ashley Faulkes - Owner of Madlemmings.com
Ashley Faulkes from Mad Lemmings

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