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6 helpful tools to help master your freelance business

tools to help master freelancing business

Let’s be honest.

You’re an app junkie, right?

I know this because you’re here.

And because I'm also an app junkie!

I love to see what other tools business owners use to manage their empires. And I love testing out every single one I come across.

I've tested apps that track money, help you invest, calendar apps that help you get organized, even social apps that help keep you connected to clients and customers; the list goes on.

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Everydollar Review

Everydollar review by christine c renee

Everydollar app review The Frugal Single

No More Spreadsheets!

Are you making budgets the old school way? Pen and paper, spreadsheets, or in your head?

Well, now there’s the perfect app to manage your budget and tame your money so you don’t have to muddle your way through a complicated spreadsheet or deal with papers.

It’s called Everydollar.  It’s based off the Dave Ramsey platform, and uses the zero-budget technique, It automates your budget faster than you can say “budget.”

Here’s a breakdown on this one-of-a-kind online and mobile application.

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4 Reasons You’ll Love Digit

Money tool review by Christine C. Renee

Money tool review by Christine C. Renee

The Unconcious-Savings Plan

Has this happened to you?

You know you should be saving money, and you know that the best way to be a consistent saver is to make it automatic. Yet, setting up an automatic savings plan takes a lot of planning.

How much can you make automatic so that you’re not overdrawn by accident? And what about the months that you don’t get paid as much? You’ll have to go back and postpone or turn off the automatic withdrawal.

And what about when you finally get extra money, or your income goes back to normal, you have to REMEMBER to go into your account and turn it back on.

Frustrating! Doesn’t all this planning, reminders, and back and forths defeat the whole purpose of having an “automatic” savings plan?

I thought this was a hopeless situation that I just had to deal with every month. I told myself savings was hard but it’s the right thing to do. I drudgingly accepted my fate. That was until I found Digit.

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