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Book Review: The ONE Thing by Keller and Papasan

book review by christine c renee The One Thing

“Connect today to all your tomorrows. It matters.” ~ Gary Keller

I heard about this book from a wonderful client who asked me to write about goal setting. It was going to be featured in an e-book.  When I first read his instructions, I didn’t know what he meant by “the one thing.” He just said to cover it. I thought he meant to pick out the best thing a person needs to set good goals.

However, on a hunch a week after starting the project, I Googled “the one thing” and came across this book. After a quick facepalm, I confirmed that he was talking about the book. So, I bought it and was astounded by the way this book helped me with a client project, and became the answer to some things in my personal life at the time.

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