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Optimize Your Inbox in 20 Minutes

Optimize your inbox in 20 minutes

Dear side hustler, your time is precious, but your inbox is stealing hours from your day!

No doubt, email is the most important medium you can use to keep in touch with clients, read your favorite blog posts, and stay on top of that next subscription renewal.

But with so little time as a side hustle freelancer, what are you going to do?

My friend, I have a quick solution for you – optimize your inbox!

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Focus Booster Review – Boost Your Time Management as a Freelancer

focus booster review for freelancers
Focus Booster App Review for Freelancers

Multitasking is out and focus tasking is in.

Everyone knows concentration is essential for better productivity and if you haven’t heard about it yet, time blocking is a popular way to manage your focus and productivity.

But how do you manage time blocking and time tracking without clogging up your tabs with 3 or 4 different apps?

If you’re anything like me, you love all-in-one apps - or apps that come really close to having almost everything you need.

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Book Review: The ONE Thing by Keller and Papasan

book review by christine c renee The One Thing

“Connect today to all your tomorrows. It matters.” ~ Gary Keller

I heard about this book from a wonderful client who asked me to write about goal setting. It was going to be featured in an e-book.  When I first read his instructions, I didn’t know what he meant by “the one thing.” He just said to cover it. I thought he meant to pick out the best thing a person needs to set good goals.

However, on a hunch a week after starting the project, I Googled “the one thing” and came across this book. After a quick facepalm, I confirmed that he was talking about the book. So, I bought it and was astounded by the way this book helped me with a client project, and became the answer to some things in my personal life at the time.

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