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A young gambling project, Tusk Casino targets gambling users and boasts a rich assortment of many types of entertainment. As of 2023, the platform offers more than 11,000 releases, including 9,292 slot machines, 672 table games, and 818 Live tables. The administration is actively increasing the arsenal and adding new products to the site, but due to such a small period of existence, the lion’s share of content available at most leading online casinos has not been realized on the project.

The section dedicated to virtual sports deserves special attention. This type of betting has appeared relatively recently, and the first popularity of interactive bets came during the pandemic period when all major leagues were canceled. Today, Tusk Casino has a developed catalog of virtual wagers, which are placed in the section of the same name. Let’s talk more about the mentioned betting, and also consider the available variations presented on the project.

Feature of virtual sports betting at Tusk Casino

The original implementation of sports emulators was not very similar to the real ones, which scared away many bettors. However, modern releases have reached an incredible level of perfection, especially the visuals and sound. Some developers use recordings of sporting events. Inexperienced users often confuse virtual matches with real broadcasts, so this section deserves your attention.

Perhaps the most tangible advantage of virtual matches is availability. Bettors can conduct gaming sessions at any time of the day, now there is no need to wait for a specific date and time of the match. The second, but no less important advantage is considered to be the complete honesty of the outcomes. All slot machines with interactive sports work on the standard principle of random value generator, as well as slots. At the same time, these types of rates are laid fixed margins in individual events.

virtual sports betting

Each machine from the «Virtual Sports» tab at Tusk Сasino betting is characterized by the presence of advanced user options. The main and most useful of these is the demo mode feature, which allows you to try out a particular emulator for free. In addition to familiarizing themselves with the principles of the slot machine, bettors can use this function to develop their tactics. Also on the right side of the main page of the section is a block with a list of other users’ winnings in real-time. This unusual social feature is suitable for selecting the most winning markets within sports simulcast wagers.

Is it possible to bet on real sports at Tusk Casino

One of the significant disadvantages of the project is the absence of its betting platform, which is extremely important for bettors. Virtual rates act as an alternative to real wagers. Let’s take a look at the main differences between both types of stakes.

Differences between real and virtual sports

As the name suggests, virtual matches are fictional events that do not take place in real life. After entering them, random tournaments with unpredictable results are held for the better. It is important to note that, unlike real sports in simulators, bookmakers’ mistakes are impossible, so earnings are intermittent rather than regular. However, the strategic potential of betting emulators is impressive and allows you to use the theory of probability in favor of the player.

Earlier it was mentioned that the visual and sound accompaniment in artificial sports is actively developing and today practically does not differ from real matches. In many ways, the quality of a slot machine is directly related to the provider and its notoriety. Of course, it is quite easy to distinguish virtual matches from real ones, but the current quality is quite enough for rich and exciting gaming sessions. Tusk Casino is working on the problem of the lack of real sports events, so in the future bettors can expect global updates.

Available virtual sports providers at Tusk Casino

To date, the project’s virtual betting catalog features collections from three providers, namely Playtech, 1×2 Gaming, and Leap. The products of each developer are characterized by unique features. At the same time, all teams create incredibly high-quality entertainment that meets the highest standards of gambling.

For convenience, the administration of Tusk Casino has added several search filters that allow you to sift slot machines by specific provider, novelty, and name. Also on the main page of the section is available to search by name. This option is located in the upper left part of the site and is shown as a magnifying glass. To find suitable releases you can specify both the full title and generalized queries, e.g. Football.

Top releases from Playtech

The arsenal of virtual sports in the casino from the provider Playtech is limited to just one release — Virtual Horse Racing. This developer specializes in creating slots and table entertainment, so the release of new virtual sports products is extremely rare. Let’s consider the main features of the only slot machine for bettors from the mentioned team in more detail.

Virtual Horse Racing

Upon entering the simulated horse racing betting simulation from Playtech, the player is greeted by an intuitive interface designed in pleasant colors. On the main tab is a list of participating athletes, as well as detailed information about each. On the left side, there is a tab with odds and additional predictions. At the bottom of the page, the total bet size and betting chips are displayed. After making a bet, the bettor only needs to click on start and confirm his actions.

horse racing betting simulation

The video sequence of the slot machine is quite realistic and dynamic. In the background, you can see high-quality scenery, and all game events are commented on by the pleasant voice of the judge. The average duration of one race is about 30 seconds, so you can spend many hours in the game without feeling bored. Before betting casino real money be sure to study all the mechanics of the slot machine with the help of demo mode.

Top releases from 1×2 Gaming

The 1×2 Gaming team has been developing almost all types of gambling entertainment for many years. In addition to exciting slot machines and unique table games, the provider produces a line of virtual sports. Today the range of the project from this organization includes 16 titles.

Instant Entertainment Series

A distinctive feature of the line of Instant emulators from 1×2 Gaming is the short duration of rounds, namely 1 minute. Releases have an extremely easy-to-learn interface, consisting of several athletes and possible predictions. The products of this series are of extremely high quality, which concerns not only visuals but also sound effects, including emotional commentary of events. The range of Instant simulations developer 1×2 Gaming includes Velodrome, Racing, Speedway, Horses, Trotting, and Greyhounds. The lineup is actively supplemented with new well-known sports.

Virtual Soccer

An advanced soccer emulator from 1×2 Gaming, which stands out for its extensive functionality and variation of game events. Upon entering, the bettor is asked to select the league of one of the countries. Then the main interface opens, in the left part of which there are available tournaments with variations of prediction for a win or a draw. The right block of the game contains statistical information about each league. There are 80 seconds to study and make a bet, after which current events are played, new matches appear and results are updated. The game events differ when you re-enter the game, making this slot machine a great solution for multiple bets.

Virtual Tennis

Tennis fans should familiarize themselves with the solution from 1×2 Gaming. The distinctive feature of the release is a great variety of possible outcomes. Bettors can bet on the winner, deuce, correct score, and total points within the game. Two Live events are available at the same time, emulating real tennis matches as much as possible. The video and sound quality match the in-depth bias towards realism, so the slot machine is especially suitable for fans of a fully immersive experience.

Virtual racing

A universal emulator for bettors who prefer betting on racing. The slot machine contains 5 types of races at once, namely horse and dog races, motorcycle and bicycle races, as well as trotting. The variety of markets is quite scarce and is limited to the prediction of the winner and the place taken by a particular athlete. This emulator is ideal for periodic dynamic sessions with a large number of simultaneous bets.

Other Virtual Sports

Sports emulator products from 1×2 Gaming deserve the attention of every bettor. In addition to the previously mentioned slot machines, the developer can boast such releases as the Euro Trophy, Cup, Challenge Cup, Spinosports Greyhounds, Spinosports Horses, and Football Pro. Each slot machine of the team is unique in its way and targets users with different tastes. Thus, the entire lineup of the provider will be a great solution for varied and profitable betting on virtual sports.

The best releases from LEAP

LEAP is one of the most renowned developers specializing in virtual sports. The provider creates excellent solutions with excellent quality and flexible betting options. If you want to familiarize yourself with the best sports simulators, then you should explore the products of this team. Currently, Tusk Casino has 21 LEAP games in its assortment, which is more than half of the total arsenal of the project. The only significant disadvantage of the team is the absence of demo mode.

A series of soccer simulators

LEAP’s line of soccer emulators is the most extensive in the provider’s arsenal. Soccer fans have access to both the classic version with fictional players, and releases with really existing athletes and leagues. If you prefer a second type of virtual sport, check out Football Cup World and Football Streak Champions. These games feature famous teams and the gameplay is based on major events in the world of soccer. Bettors who prefer arcade games are recommended to try «Football Penalty Duel». This release, as the name suggests, is tied to a penalty shootout emulation where only two players are involved in the game.

The most realistic and functional sports emulators in the Tusk Casino library are rightfully the solutions from LEAP. The highest simulation of recordings with modern effects perfectly combined with surround sounds and comments from the referee. Virtual sports from the mentioned team will allow you to get the closest possible gameplay, as when betting on real sporting events. Of particular note is the variety of markets that go beyond predicting a winner.

Racing Emulation Series

The lion’s share of all LEAP releases are sports racing simulations. Fans of this sport are available emulators in dog racing, horse racing, and races on bicycles. All slot machines emphasize realism and maximum functionality. At the same time, all products of the provider are characterized by modern graphics, sound effects, flexible options, and a variety of forecasts. The high quality is evidenced by the huge popularity of emulators among users of the project.

Conclusions about the virtual sports section at Tusk Casino

The selection of virtual sports on the platform is more than acceptable and is suitable for regular casino online betting. Bettors have access to 38 titles, including soccer, tennis, horse racing, golf, basketball, motorcycle racing, bicycle racing, and dog racing. Special attention should be paid to simulations of world-famous tournaments with famous athletes, such as the «Virtual Euro Trophy» from the developer 1×2 Gaming and «Football Streak Champions» from LEAP. The visual and sound accompaniment of each release in the section is at a high level. Ultimately, sports fans should check out the virtual wagering variations at Tusk Casino. They cannot completely replace wagering on real sporting events, but they are their worthy analog with similar principles.

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